Sitting in front of a computer screen for extended periods of time, especially at night, can play havoc on eyesight. I know, because I have been having problems with eye strain. My eyesight is still great and I don’t wear glasses. But, I feel that if I don’t take some steps now, I could be facing vision problems in the future.

artist eyesight As an artist, it would be a nightmare to lose my vision. It’s something I need to choose colors and paint in detail. I also need good eyesight for my long bouts of writing and promoting online.


I think most of us who have good eyesight take it for granted. I know I have. Its something I never thought about until I started having problems with eye strain. I certainly would not be able to do the things I do now without my eyes.

But I am taking steps to curtail this problem now, before it gets worse. I have been researching some ways of protecting my eyes while on the computer, and thought it would be a good idea to share it with you.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on eye care. If you are having real problems with your eyes, please seek the advice of a qualified eye care professional.

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  1. Force yourself to take breaks.

    Every few minutes look around you. Focus on something else in the room for a few seconds. I find it helpful to leave the computer often, and walk around - if only for a couple minutes.

  2. Clean your computer screen daily

    Use a dust cloth and screen cleaning solution. This reduces glare, and prevents dust particles from flying into your eyes.

  3. Lower the screen brightness.

    computer screen The problem with the brightness of most computers is that most are set for daytime viewing.

    But, in the nighttime, monitors appear very bright, especially in a darkened room.

    There should be buttons on your keyboard for adjusting screen brightness. They sit side by side and have little sun icons on them.

    You can also turn on some lights to reduce the affect of screen brightness.

  4. Blink often

    When we focus on a screen for extended periods, we often forget to blink. This causes the eyes to dry. Force yourself to blink to rewet the eyes, and prevent soreness.

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  5. Have the screen at arm’s length away from your eyes.

    computer posture Also have the screen at a lower angle than your eyes, so you are slightly looking down.

    When we look down at something, more of our eyes are covered by our eyelids.

    This helps reduce glare and increases blinking.

  6. Computer glasses

    Wearing computer glasses is also one option I’ve heard about. These help protect eyes from computer monitor glare.

  7. Install F.lux on your computer

    flux I recently discovered this free software and installed it on my computer. This has made a big difference for my eyes. When installed, F.lux works in the background to adjust the color temperature of a computer screen according to the time of day. F.lux has a triple benefit. It reduces strain for the eyes, helps you to stay on your computer longer in the nighttime, and helps you sleep easier.

    When first installed, all you have to do is set your type of light for nighttime viewing, and where you live. There is also a setting to turn it off when doing color sensitive work, such as digital painting.

    Download F.lux for free here: F.lux

    Please let us know how it works for you.


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Also, if you have any advice to add on the subject of eye protection, please do so below.

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  1. Excellent article thank you. I save alot PC work for the evenings so that I can use daylight hours for colourwork - I had no idea the bright PC screen I have been starting at for hours each night was so wrong! I downloaded f.lux and highly recommend it - my screen adjusted straight away (quite alot!)

    Especially helpful as we head into long winter nights here in the UK.

    Thanks again, best wishes.

  2. Thank you Graham for the great article. i spend quite a lot of time on the computer. Where do you get computer glasses? Thanks!

    1. Hi Genevieve! Great to hear from you! If you are interested in computer glasses, just do a search on Google for "buy computer glasses". Lots of places sell them, even Walmart! :)

    2. Great! Thanks for the info Graham! =)

    3. Great! Thank you so much for the info Graham! It's great to hear from you too! =)

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