It’s been a while since I have shown any of my paintings at Artpromotivate. In this post, I thought I would display some of what I have been up to regarding my painting for 2013.

These are two past articles featuring my own art:

In Progress Paintings
New Oil Painting Series

That second article actually shows some in progress versions of some paintings displayed below.

There are certain themes I have been working on – the fishery, imagery of Newfoundland, and also often underlying psychological elements in each artwork.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below this post. Thanks!


Big Catch

big catch

Big Catch – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” - 2013

Big Catch originated from two separate source photographs of my own. The image on the left of the man holding the huge cod was photographed during the food fishery in Newfoundland, this past summer. Cod were very plentiful this summer and many of them were very large! The 3 boats came from a separate photograph taken two years ago during the same yearly cod fishery.

Capelin in a Fishtub

capelin in a fishtub

Capelin in a Fish Tub – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” – 2013

A client wanted a painting identical to my larger painting Capelin Run. Since I dislike the idea of creating exact copies, I mentioned that I would create something similar - using the same palette, composition and subject. I also wanted to create something unique which stands on its own.


Fish Entangled

fish entangled

 Fish Entangled – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” - 2013


Fish Eyes

fish eyes painting

 Fish Eyes – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” – 2013


Fish Monument

fish landscape sunset painting

Fish Monument – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” – 2013

I think of the imagery in this painting as a monument to the failed fishery of Newfoundland. Fish stocks are depleted and many fish-plants are closed.



mackerel graham matthews

Mackerel – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” - 2013


Pan of Cod (unfinished)

pan of cod

Pan of Cod – Oil on canvas – 11 x 14” - 2013

Cod in a fish pan during the food fishery this summer.


Dance of the Humpback

dance of the humpback

Dance of the Humpback – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” - 2013

Multiple humpbacks surface and synchronize in a dance.


Flight of the Seagull

flight of the seagull

Flight of the Seagull – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” - 2013

A flock of seagulls fly above the ocean, all flying indifferent directions.




Magnificence – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” - 2013

Symbolizing the magnificence and power of the moose, with its antlers spreading upward.




Deliverence – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” – 2013



liberate painting graham matthews

Liberate – Oil on canvas – 16 x 20” - 2013



Incandescence painting

Incandescence – Oil on canvas – 12 x 16” - 2013


Place of Serenity

place of serenity

Place of Serenity – Oil on canvas – 11 x 14” - 2013


Melting Away

melting away

Melting Away – Oil on canvas – 11 x 14” – 2013


I hope you enjoyed my new paintings. I really appreciate you viewing them! I love how my art has progressed so far this year, and am excited to see where it goes in 2014!

If you would like to see more paintings by Graham Matthews, please visit my Facebook art page and website – Graham Matthews Art. Thank-you!

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  1. Excellent work Graham, I don't know how you find the time to paint with all the Artpromotivate stuff you do as well.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I still have lots of time to paint.. but, I'm working all the time, and trying to use every spare moment I have.

  2. Graham, these are fabulous! You really capture the essence of the sea creatures and oceans you love so much. The abstract form in which you paint just adds to the the creativity and vitality of each painting. Truly a magnificent series created from the imagination of an ambitious and intriguing mind.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It's always great to hear from you, and I appreciate your comment very much!

  3. Wonderful works Graham.I like them all.
    Best Regards,
    Ranjit Chakraborty

  4. Love your use of color and the strong graphic quality of your work!

    1. Thanks Betty! .. appreciate your wonderful feedback!

  5. Graham,
    I love your style and use of color! It is quite unique. I also do not know how you find time to do such a fabulous job on this website. I never miss a post!!!
    Marilyn Lowry

  6. Oops...thought I had posted the comment. Just saying that your work is great...I love the colors and your unique style. I also don't know how you have time to paint with all you do on this website. It is wonderful...I never miss a day!
    Marilyn Lowry

    1. Thank-you Marilyn... appreciate very much having you here!

  7. Lovely work Graham with colors that really stand out and speak to you. Your style is free-flowing and very distinctive. Well done and I wonder how you find the time to paint with all the other stuff you do??

    Thanks for sharing,

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