I am very excited to be finally officially introducing our new design blog Designpromotivate! I have been waiting for the right time to introduce it here, and feel – now is the time! It’s been about 4 months since publishing the first post and 55 articles have been published. The blog has undergone two design changes in that time, until I finally settled on an appropriate theme. Articles cover topics such as Photoshop, logos, design inspiration, web design, typography, social sharing widgets, Wordpress themes, creative spotlights and more.


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This blog includes resources, inspiration and information for web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, artists and other creative people. The main reason I decided to create this new blog is - I wanted to write about design related topics, but felt it did not relate to some of the audience at Artpromotivate. I have had an interest in web design for a long time. I haven’t had any professional training in that area, but have been taking the DIY approach – reading lots of articles online, watching Youtube videos, buying helpful ebooks on the subject and using online website builders such as Webydo. This is the same approach I took before I began writing at Artpromotivate (since I did not receive any art marketing training in art school).

Creative Spotlight

walt disney quote Designpromotivate also has a spotlight! (Find details here: Creative Spotlight)

Whereas the Artpromotivate spotlight mainly centers on visual artists (painters, mixed media, sculptors, drawings, digital artists, fine art photography, etc.), the Designpromotivate spotlight will be much more open in the creatives we feature.

Not only will artists who have been featured at APM have a chance to be featured again at DPM, but we will also be accepting web designers, crafters, jewelers, illustrators, tattoo artists, graphic designers and other creative genres at Designpromotivate.

Here are some of the people already featured:

JM Farris Photography – Nature Photography
Velvet Tetrault – Artist and Jeweler (article about her custom jewelry)
Cynthia Warden – Watercolor Portraits
Alan Derrick – Steel Sculpture
Pamela Beer – Abstract Paintings
Fabian Oefner - Photography



Occasionally, I like to feature a collection of photographs, designs or artworks from those who have shared works under a Creative Commons license (at 500px and Behance), such as the following:

Amazing 3D Anamorphic Drawings that Appear to Pop off the Page
Inspiring Photo Manipulation Photographs
Amazing Caricature Art of Famous People


Website Design

creativity quotes Designpromotivate will also be a resource for web and graphic designers, and website owners. I have already written extensively on the topic:

Worst Website Design Mistakes
How to Design Websites without Coding
How to Get Free Website Traffic
Website Design Trends 2014


How do I Find Time?

I’m sure some of you may be wondering – how can I manage two blogs and paint too?  The answer to that would be getting organized! I have certain painting days and other days when I just write. Articles take anywhere from an hour to a few hours to write, depending on the topic and type of article. Artist spotlights and guest posts only take about 30-60 minutes to format. I often can write two articles in a day - sometimes more. Actually, I try my best to always have a few articles prepared in case of sickness or other things which often come up.


How to Stay Updated with Designpromotivate

If you are interested in the articles I write for DPM, you can stay updated by subscribing below and/or following our Facebook page: Designpromotivate

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