artbreak Artbreak is a free artist profile and networking service where artists and photographers can upload works and sell them without any commission charge.

Even the buyer is not charged a commission. Listed artworks are purchased directly from the artist.


Using Artbreak, independent artists anywhere in the world can post art for sale, and cultivate relationships with art collectors.

The categorization and search features on the site make it very easy for art collectors to find what they are looking for. Art lovers can click the Explore Art to find popular artworks, or hit Browse Artist to see a listing of artists who have recently uploaded new art. The sidebar has additional methods of finding artworks and artists – by location, name, online now, categories, price and more.

Artbreak also functions as a social networking community for artists, much in the same way as Fine Art America and Redbubble. Users can like and comment (or in this case “compliment”) on artist’s artworks, add it to favorites, contact the artist and add the artist as a friend. The Addthis plugin here also allows instant sharing with 300 other social networks and bookmarking services, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg and Linkedin.

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  1. Go to Artbreak.

    Click the “Signup now for free link” on the home page, as displayed above. Fill in a username, email, country, postal code and password, then hit the signup button at the bottom. On the next page, you will be offered an Artbreak Plus offer to get rid of the ads. I recommend to skip this for now. If you decide to use Artbreak extensively, this offer can be accepted anytime.

  2. Artbreak profile

    After you are signed in, click My Account in the top menu, then My Profile. First, upload a profile picture by clicking the image icon at the right of that page. Choose a display name, website and fill in the About Me section. Incidentally, any links you include in the About section will not be clickable.

  3. Upload Art

    share-art Click the Upload Art link in the top menu. Here, you can upload a single image or multiple artworks and set title, category, tags, description, year, materials, dimension, weight and whether its for sale. Only jpg and gif images under 10 MB are accepted.

    After uploading, you are prompted to share on Stumbleupon and Twitter. You can also view it right away or upload another artwork.

  4. Participating in the Artbreak community

    There are several ways of participating and making friends on Artbreak:

    • like-art I like it – click this link at the top of artworks to instantly inform the artist that you appreciate the work. The amount of likes a particular artwork has in relation to others determines its placement in the “Hot Right Now” page, under Explore Art.
    • favorites Favorite – Click the heart icon to add a certain piece to your favorites list. Artbreak also informs the artist that you have favorited them, and your profile picture will appear under the favorited stats on the artwork page.
    • Compliments – Compliments are comments for a specific artwork, and appear at the bottom of the piece along with a link to your own profile.
    • Message an artist – Artists can be sent a private message by anyone interested in purchasing or learning more about their art.
    • Add artist to friends – Added friends appear on your list of friends and you can track their activity on your Friend Feed.

Overall, Artbreak is a great site for listing art and networking with other artists. It works similar to the many other portfolio sites I have reviewed here in the past. The only drawback may be that the artist has to take care of transactions. But, as the site is free, this is very understandable.

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If you decide to signup, I welcome you to post a link to your profile below along with your own impressions of Artbreak.

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