Many famous artists throughout history have painted flowers, including Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Manet and many more. Floral painting is a universal theme which spans time and cultures.

Below are 12 beautiful paintings of flowers from the artists featured in our artist spotlights. These include paintings of roses, lilies, daisies, sunflowers and more.

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  1. Sea Dean

    sea dean daisy chain
    Daisy Chain – Sea Dean

    ”I have always had a passion for nature which has lead to landscape, seascape and floral works. I have a passion for the mystery and magic of the human form especially while in motion.”

  2. Laura Iosifescu

    Laura osifescu
    I feel happy to talk about my sadness © Laura Iosifescu, 2012, Oil and acrylics on linen, 100 /130 cm

    “I love to see real life cases where large number of people come together to share one vision. I do believe my work is for a greater course. I consider my work to represent steps into new artistic territory and the future of painting. I have always dreamed to inspired people and become part of the history. Since I was a very young girl I was a dreamer. I always wanted to change the world in better. I always helped the unfortunate people, I always volunteering there where everybody was running from. My paintings are a celebration of Nature. I am creating this magical landscapes of plants made of paint to remind people how amazing Nature is and how much we need it. The Nature is universal is something that we all equally have access to. I have created these landscapes to offer a sense of peace and happiness in a world that sometimes can be so cruel and miserable. While cities and their metropolitan areas reshape the natural lands our Nature is dying.”

  3. Teresa Dye

    teresa dye
    Red Rose 2 – Teresa Dye

    “My main theme is the effect of light passing through an object. Right now, I'm working on botanicals.”

  4. Samar Asamoah

    samar asamoah
    Pink lilies on Green  © Samar Asamoah

    ”Well a variety of things, I do glass engraving and I also print onto glass with my lino cuts. I can print and have printed on almost every type of surface with a lino cut or etching inks, from wood, plastic, aluminium sheets, scrim, tissue paper anything I can get my hands on even if its just to use up left over ink. When I paint I do prefer oils but I also use acrylic as well, often as a base for oils.”

  5. Sam Randall

    sam randall artist
    Flora Montage ©Sam Randall

    ”My style is eclectic and is influenced by surrealism, abstraction, impressionism, and pop art. I have an interest in ancient Japanese art, Asiatic culture, tattoo art and animation. I also have a passion for flora, fish, birds and all things mythical, dark and oriental.”

  6. Bhagvati Nath

    bhagvati nath
    The Pollen Drinkers © Bhagvati Nath

    ”I have been an artist all my life. I create my art, so my life has been created. Everything can and should be an art - being a parent and partner, cooking, dressing, writing, collecting wood, gardening, making a home, dancing, teaching, sewing.. my personal list goes on but everything I have done I have done I have put my heart and soul into, and it has become a work of art.”

  7. Adrienne Harrington

    monets sunflowers adrienne harrington
    Monet's Sunflowers, 16x20 inches © Adrienne Harrington

    ”Sometimes inspiration comes when you least expect it & I've heard many artists say to keep a notebook or something handy at all times to capture ideas when and where they come to you. It's sage advice!”

  8. Sonali Kukreja

    Sonali Kukreja
    “My main goal is that my art should not only look appealing or entertaining, but inspires and enhances life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want my art to be conversational pieces along with the beauty that they bring.”

  9. Sara Paxton

    fresh sara paxton

    Fresh © Sara Paxton

    ”I start with a very rough sketch on the canvas using either paint an oil pigment stick just to give me some direction. I work very quickly with broad brush strokes to establish the basis of the painting. I then start building up the layers of colour but tend not to get caught up in detail. I often leave a painting and come back to it later to make changes or add glazes until I’m happy with it.”

  10. Alyson Sheldrake

    Summer Bellis
    'Summer Bellis' © Alyson Sheldrake

    “For my big bold flowers, it is always the centre of the flower that inspires me, I love the intricate designs and patterns they have, and I love creating a piece that almost seems to jump off the wall!”

  11. Jennifer Beaudet

    jennifer beaudet
    “I start on paper, planning the composition, positive/negative space, and values with pencil. Sometimes I do a small sketch with paint if I need to plan the colors out. I liked to prime the canvas with a nice warm color. This gives a glow and also uniformity in the piece. Then, I sketch in my basic layout with a brush and some burnt sienna. I work alla prima, and like to block in all areas of the painting as I go, instead of focusing on one particular spot. This way the painting works together as whole, with nice flowing color throughout. I keep working until all areas have been addressed but try not to overwork it. Once I put it down, I resist the urge to “fix” it because sometimes the first stroke is the best. I’m trying to convey my passion and emotions for a particular subject and this can lost when it’s too tightened up or overworked.”

  12. Iris Scott

    iris scott fingerpainting roses
    Watts and Watts of Neon Paint – Fingerpainting - Oil Paint on Canvas – ©Iris Scott

    “Ideas for paintings are everywhere, in fact I essentially feel compelled to paint everything I see. Driving I see paintings, day dreaming I see paintings, sometimes I'll spot one in the house. It could be a vase of flowers, a wet windshield, and friend across from me, the view out the window. Paintings are just everywhere.”

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    2. Thank you so much Graham. It's really a pleasure being featured with so many fine artists and their beautiful paintings.

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