*The following is a post from Kieron Lewis, designer of the Profile Book.

The Profile Book is a community platform created for artists, by artists. Designed very much with one core value in mind – sharing great visual work with passionate people.

Profile was created by Rifle Design & Communications.


The Profile Book

Profile Book (Meet the team)

David Sinnet – Founder / Developer

Nicola Manuel – Editor

Sarah Benson – Assistant Editor

Kieron Lewis – Designer

David Sinnet, Founder asked whether I was interested in becoming part of Profile in its early stages, and of course I jumped at the idea.

Profile’s first publication, The Profile Book came as a result of my Final University Project. As Profile started out as a freelance project for me, I thought it would be an interesting idea to combine the two.

The publication consists of work from a number of up and coming artists and designers from around the world. The content was gathered through our online platform – which currently has nearly 400 contributors.


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As I have an interest in blogging and reviewing artwork, I had the opportunity to speak to everyone featured on a regular basis. Speaking to 27 very different artist and designers was great! It really gave me an insight into the life of every talented creative featured.

How can I forget to mention Happy Accident Collective who were our special feature. HAC are ‘cheeky’ screen-printing duo based in Scotland. Not only does the publication include some great work by the pair, but it also includes an interview which I conducted that gives the reader the opportunity to learn more about the duo.

Months of brainstorming, designing, reading and sleepless nights came as a result of my Final Major Project, but it was more than worth it!

To see the looks on the faces of those who were featured to see their work within print was fantastic! Everyone was really grateful. I couldn’t ask for anymore.

A full coverage of the project including an online version of the publication via Issuu, can be found on my website – Enjoy!


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The Profile team and I are focused on getting the usability and functionality perfect for our contributors.

We’re determined for the artist’s work to be the “star of the show”.

Creating a platform that provides a positive experience is something we’re passionate about. Once we have conquered online, we will focus our time and effort on the print. So watch this space!


Kieron Lewis - Designer of the Profile Book

I’ve grown up in South London until the age of 14 when I eventually moved to Surrey with my family.

I have an interest in Editorial Design, Advertisement and Gaming. I’m the sort of the guy who goes to a restaurant, and before ordering I would be drawn to the layout of the menu and stock used. A bit obsessive I know, but it is something that I’ve always done from a young age.

Currently I am working for advertising agency in London as a Junior Designer.

I graduated from Winchester School of Art this summer, where there I was studying Graphic Design, Marketing & Branding.

Before attending WSA I went to Southampton Solent where I studied Game Design. Despite having an interest within Game Design, it took me a year to realize that my passion lied within Graphic Design.

I originally studied Graphic Design at college, and achieved a BTEC within that field.


profile book


Designing Background

University really was the catalyst for my design background.

I had a good knowledge of Graphic Design once I left college, however attending university really sharpened my skills and made more determined than ever to excel within my discipline. University was also where I met the team for Plog Magazine – Good times!

Plog was a magazine dedicated in featuring the best student and graduate artwork both on and offline. I worked alongside three talented individuals who I truly considered to be great workforce, but more importantly good friends.

Working on the magazine was a fantastic experience as it gave me the opportunity to meet a number of talented artists and designers across various disciplines within the UK.

This is one of the main reasons why I was so determined for my Final University Project to be based on something that I felt so passionate about – Thus the Profile Book publication was born! 


The Profile Book

Website: The Profile Book | Twitter | Facebook | Kieron Lewis | Kieron on Twitter

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