From the very beginning, I have been asking the wonderful artists in the artist spotlight to share their best advice for emerging artists. Over the course of nearly 2 years and 200+ spotlights, some amazing and useful tips have been shared.

Instead of you having to read through all of these to glean useful information, I decided to gather the best tips for this post.

Do you have any tips of your own to share with other artists? Please leave your advice in the comment section at the end of this post. Thank-you!!


  1. Use good quality art materials

    “Only use the best quality materials – from the word go. If you are using cheap, nasty warped canvasses you are not going to enjoy the process and potential galleries will avoid you like the plague! Using cheap paint also limits your potential – colours are not vibrant and they won’t give you a good result.” Katie Wyatt

    katie wyatt
    Coastline, By Katie Wyatt
  2. Track your Progress

    “Do not bin any sketches, drawings, paintings that you do not like, keep everything, because it will help you to see how you can improve, and show you how far you have come” Rebecca Louise Saunders

  3. Keep creating art

    “Never stop creating. Never give up your dreams and visions, even when the present seems murky. There will always be light.” Deirdre Freeman

  4. Practice Every Day

    ”Paint, study, and practice every day. Don’t let seeming failures stop you from painting. If a painting doesn’t come out the way you want, then either redo it until it does or go on to the next painting, but never quit for a while or you many not take up the brush again.” Velvet Tetrault

    Velvet Tetrault
    Botanical Hideaway, By Velvet Tetrault

  5. Use Social Media

    ”Social media is your friend! You can reach thousands of people and it's free!” Lana Arft

  6. Don’t Limit Yourself

    ”Like everyone says keep creating, get yourself out there, but what I really think matters is don't be afraid to try new things. I know several artists with amazing talent who limit themselves to one style, one medium, and that is as far as they go. Do not limit yourself! Try new things, make a mess, have fun!” Brandy Manuel

  7. Accept Criticism

    ”Stay level headed; don’t let praise or criticism get to you.  Count on there being more rejection than acceptance of your work.  And don’t forget the old adage “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  I have had a number of my pieces that I personally did not like but others were fascinated by them.” Dennis Sheil

    Dennis Sheil 
    Springing to Life, by Dennis Sheil

  8. Believe in Yourself

    ”I think that you should believe in yourself and your art most importantly. Don't take what others say to heart if it's what you love and coming from you. In the end your happiness with yourself and your piece is going to make you rise to the top.” Maryssa Anne

  9. Know your Market

    ”Be realistic about your art and the market out there. If you paint for your monthly income, it is important to know who your market is and how to reach that market. The bigger your financial requirements, the larger your buying market needs to be etc. Art is a passion, but realistic business skills help ensure you to be a full-time artist. Therefore it's a holistic process.” Helga Mcleod

  10. Be open to making money from art…

    ”Be true to your own style but do not view doing commissioned freelance work as "selling out"...if you can make money from your art, then go for it and you can always create works for yourself as well!” Lauren Curtis

    Lauren Curtis
    COGnition, by Lauren Curtis

  11. …but, don’t create art just for the money.

    ”Ask yourself a question. If you knew you were never going to make a dime from your art, would you still do it?” Dan Cope

  12. Network with other artists

    ”The most important thing in this day and age is Networking. We live in an age where art jobs are advertised all over the world, not just bullet boards. This is how the new generations will struggle more than old generations when it comes to breaking into the field. We have the world at our sides, and it's fighting for these opportunities. Get on board or risk falling behind.” Rhys Allen

  13. Don’t compare yourself with other artists

    ”Don’t compare yourself to other artists because that can ruin you in so many ways, stop comparing yourself to anyone and start recognizing your own potential as who you are in the art world.” Marcylittleninja

    By Marcylittleninja

  14. Make a name for yourself

    ”Not all galleries are willing to take on new artists, unless the artists have made a name for themselves. My motto is if you don’t try, you will never know. Don’t take rejection negatively. A gallery owner once told me that I will never stand a chance to exhibiting in his gallery. His reason was that he was in the business for more than 20 years. He did not even take a look at my work. Five years later I was invited by the new owner to exhibit with the gallery.”  Benjamin Mitchley

  15. Create what you love

    ”Paint what you want to paint because life is too short to worry about what other people will like, and if you paint what you love, your passion and personality will show through and people will be attracted to it.”

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