too many artists Do you think there are too many visual artists online? If you are involved in the online art community and posting your art at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Fine Art America, Behance, Saatchi Online, and other sites – it may be easy to think there are too many artists, and way too much competition.

There are a multitude of Facebook art groups with thousands of members. Our own group Artpromotivate – Promote Your Art currently has over 7300 members. Our Twitter following currently is over 11000 and Facebook page has about 5000 likes.

Deviantart, a site geared toward creative types, has a membership of 25 million people. Countless other portfolio sites exist and new ones are appearing very often.

Artists seem to be everywhere online!



What do you think? Do you think there is too much competition for artists online? If so, how can individual artists stand out and become noticed?

Or is this the real problem: There are not enough art collectors to sustain such massive numbers of artists.

These are some responses received by email:

  • Too many ARTISTS?

    With the proliferation of the facilities that you have alluded to, it is no small wonder. Artists were, are, & always will be, here, there, & everywhere, & in growing numbers. And so are their dreams & aspirations, along with their determinations to reach, & succeed in the marketplace.

    While some may have some reservations about their pervasiveness, the afore-mentioned facilities serves also to expose all practitioners to others of similar disciplines, which effectively encourage, educate, & enhance their individual experiences, with their creations being the beneficiaries.

  • Definitely there are many, many online artists showing up via those you have mentioned. A main concern is quality and who is just beginning and who is a long time artist. Next, we see photography all mixed up with paintings, drawings and now digitally produced artworks.
    I am not so concerned about competition. We learn that we must compete. It is not bad!

    So, we, who are artists do have to stand out, not so sure.
    Per buying: the public is fickle when it comes to what is bought. Many buy, just cause it fits what they want. Some buy cause what they buy is what others buy. Some sit and wait.....and not buy.

    Probably this is true ~  ~ Not really enough art collectors to buy all that is suddenly showing up and is for sale at all kinds of prices. Answer: do not know, but a good answer is to do the best you can in creating your art,  be individual and develop a style, if that is the right term. Study and learn more, continue your online art appearance, market as much as you can or know how to, enter art exhibits in your local area or beyond, connect with a high quality gallery if you can and..... be happy!

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  1. I feel if your work is unique, we as artist can all find our nitch ! I don't feel that I am competing. I want my work to stand on its own, even though sometimes your thrown in a category to (compete)

  2. I think you have to find a niche and you have to diversify diversify diversify for how you reach that niche. I am currently in a brick and mortar store, online store, different social media accounts...

  3. I think the number of artists online or even here where a live, helps me to become a better artist and to develop a truly unique style and technique. I must stand out from the rest, while having an appeal to the viewer as well. It is alright to be different, but if people look but don't buy you are going to sit there wondering what did you did wrong!

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