design portfolio website A while ago, we posted a series of tutorials describing how to design a portfolio website using Webydo.

Webydo is an online web designing studio for creating and publishing websites.

The website builder is designed with the professional web designers in mind, however, the intuitive WYSISWYG design management platform helps make it possible for a new comer to be able to pick up the ropes and dive right into designing websites for themselves or others.




If you have no knowledge of website coding – no worries – you won’t need it with Webydo. Websites are created using drag and drop simplicity. You’ll even find it easier than some of the other DIY editors - since with Webydo you have entire control of the design, and have the capability of changing or adding elements anytime, without messing with the cohesiveness of the website.

webydo websites If you are interested in learning how to design your own website, and maintaining it yourself, Webydo is no risk. Sign up for free and use the tools for as long as you want.

Even build unlimited free websites. When you are ready to publish, just upgrade to a premium plan.

Webydo frequently offers great deals on their premium packages - so watch for those (such as the one we managed to secure for you at the right).

Website design is one of the options we suggested in our article “Business Ideas for Artists”. It is one business which can be very lucrative, and can provide a viable side income to your artist income.

Listed below is a review of the posts in our “How to Design a Portfolio Website Using Webydo” series:

  1. Creating Website pages

    In this tutorial, we begin with the portfolio layout option and describe how to create basic pages – Home, Gallery, Contact and About. One of the useful features of pages are the options to include certain elements on a single page, or multiple pages. This can be a real time saver!

  2. Creating a Slideshow on the Home Page

    This article describes the advantages of having a large slideshow on the home page of an artist’s website, and goes into detail describing how to easily create one using Webydo.

  3. Thumbnail Image Gallery for the Gallery Page

    web design featuresThese are seen often on portfolio websites – a series of images in grid-like fashion. These can link to separate pages with larger views of the images, or open in a light box view.

    This tutorial describes how to upload artworks, organize them and add titles and descriptions.

  4. Bio and Contact Page

    This tutorial covers the two remaining portfolio pages – bio and contact. Webydo provides a basic template for both, making creating the pages very easy. Simply resize elements as you like, and change properties such as background color, fonts, borders, form elements, and more.

  5. Logo and Navigation Menu

    website logo The logo and navigation menu appears at the top of all your pages. We show you how to create two types of logos from your name – image and text.

    In the second part of the tutorial, we go over the navigation menu, and describe the process to set normal state, active state and rollover state.

  6. Social Networking Buttons and SEO

    These two things will ensure your website receives continuous visitors, and followers. Both SEO of pages and images are covered. The social sharing button section uses the Addthis plugin.


Have you created a website using Webydo? You are welcome to share your Webydo website below.

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