Pets are a very popular subject in fine art. Below are beautiful paintings of dogs and cats from artists who have been featured at Artpromotivate.

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  1. Iris Scott

    iris scott professional fingerpainting
    “I started Finger-painting whilst living in Southern Taiwan. Shortly after grad school I paid off my student loans and saved up some "travel money." Knowing I wanted to get away for about a year and just do some painting I spun the globe and landed my finger on Taiwan. A few months later I exited the subway in downtown Kaoshiung City and made my way to the nearest hostel.
    I later found a nice little studio apartment overlooking the ocean, bought a ton of oil paints, and started painting daily for the first time in my life. This was in 2009. In Taiwan the climate is obviously hotter than blazes, so I hibernated all day in the comforts of my air conditioned room. The communal kitchen sink however was down the hall outside my cool air conditioned oasis. In 2009 I was still painting with brushes and they were all stained dark Prussian Blue but I desperately needed to add yellow to my painting. Too lazy to leave the room to wash brushes in a scorching hot kitchen down the hall I elected to start adding yellow with the tip of my finger. One stroke led to another and three years later I've sold 100 Finger paintings. I knew it the second I first finger painted that I would paint like this for the rest of my life. I'm made to paint this way.”

  2. Judy Perrin

    judy perrin
    “I'm very much of an illustrative bent; that said, I don't really do photo-realism. I think you have to get expression, feeling, into a piece and it's hard to do that when you're hung up on the realism of something. No excuses for not knowing your anatomy, though! My themes vary, but they're usually strongly narrative with characters and actions. I also like to explore darker areas of the mind, particularly with my fine-line pen work, but I also have a lighter, quirkier side that comes out.I've found that coloured pencils are the best for the fantasy work; they can be layered heavily for darker, more emotionally charged pieces, and kept very light and ethereal for more whimsical works.”

  3. Tina Marohn

    tina marohn kitty teaparty
    “My style right now is somewhat varied and I enjoy doing different things. Right now I'm working on landscapes, whimsical cats paintings and moments I've captured in my travels. My work plays on the edge of realism and abstract. I also do realistic pet portraits. Some of my older work was from more internal imagination.”

  4. Cathy Moothart

    cathy moothart
    “I capture the essence of the pet I'm painting in acrylic paint, paying particular attention to textures, light and shadows with unexpected colors. Then I decoupage real wine labels from all over the world on the canvas as the background. The image and background wraps around the canvas, so a frame is not necessary.”

  5. Robin Wiesneth

    robin wiesneth
    ”I’m on a roll these days, creating art that combines two subjects I adore: Animals and Vintage Toys. My series called “Tails of Imagination” creates a wonderful world where our favorite animal companions can have grand adventures and do almost anything!”

  6. Niharika Garg

    Niharika Garg
    “Something always drew me to “that” particular section at a stationary shop. But I never paid any heed until then. I took up as a hobby, learning myself. I realised it was serious for me, the deeper I indulged in it. It was, when I made my first illustration painting. It wasn’t from a book/picture or internet, it just came out. I stood there… not able to understand what just happened. It took me a long time to accept that this is the path I’m meant to be on, I took up a professional course to understand if I was serious or if it were some short term passion. When I did, I gave up my job to take it up on full time basis.”

  7. Lisa Zadravec

    “I like to tell stories in my art, stories that happen in moments or seconds. It can be as momentary as a glance, the way light falls or a child pointing her toe in the backyard pool. Can you read her mind that she is really swimming in the deep, doing water ballet? Art is how I express the stories in me.”

  8. Alyson Sheldrake

    ”I try to capture the beauty and light of the Algarve. I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful and charming place, with long summers and light winters; magical blue skies and sparkling seas.”

  9. Sharon Marston

    sharon marston yellow lab

    ”I have always been inspired by sunlight streaming through trees, the shadows and bright streaks across the ground. My kids always make fun of me because we will be somewhere and a scene like the one I described above will be in view and I take out my pretend paintbrush and start painting in the air. They think I’m weird. It’s just an impulsion I usually choose not to control.”

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