Pixels.com is a new website from the makers of Fine Art America. It looks identical to its predecessor and even has the same products for sale as print on demand – canvas prints, acrylic prints, framed prints, greeting cards, posters, metal prints and more. The main difference here is the capability of selling print on demand phone cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy – and to be announced POD products.


pixels iphone cases


Why did the makers of Fine Art America create this identical site? The Fine Art America forum provides the answer.

FineArtAmerica.com is a great domain name if you’re interested in buying and selling ‘fine art’… and you’re an American. Unfortunately, we get asked all the time… ‘Do you ship to England?’… ‘Do you ship to Australia?’… ‘I’m a photographer living in Spain, can I join your site?’… etc.

Why did we buy Pixels.com?

1. We wanted a truly international domain name that would eliminate all of the questions, above, and allow our members to market themselves all over the world.

2. We wanted to expand our product offering beyond the world of ‘fine art’.
FineArtAmerica.com has been in business since 2006, and over the years, we’ve fielded thousands of requests from members asking us to start selling iphone cases, calendars, puzzles, and more. None of those products fall under the ‘fine art’ title, and as a result, we never added them to the site.

3. Pixels.com is an amazing domain name!
In our opinion, it’s the best domain name on the internet for anyone involved in the visual arts. The word ‘pixel’ is pronounced (and spelled) almost exactly the same in every language on the planet. We’re in the business of created print-on-demand products from digital pixels… Pixels.com is the perfect name.

Signing up for Pixels.com

graham matthews big catch If you belong to Fine Art America, you already have a profile at Pixels.com. There is no need of creating a separate account. Just login with your Fine Art America password and username. Everything is identical – your profile picture, uploaded artworks, galleries, blogs, favorites, group memberships and comments.

At the moment, the main difference is the capability of selling art on Samsung Galaxy and iPhone cases. When uploading new art, you will see the phone case option. Just enter a markup (amount you would like to receive) for the phone cases.


big catch iphone When you view the phone case on Pixels, you will notice that the default settings probably makes the image appear unsatisfactory. See my iPhone case of Big Catch at the left. As you can see, the fish is completely out of the composition.

Pixels does not provide any options for presetting the image, like on Society6 (a big drawback in my opinion). But, they do leave this up to the purchaser. The painting can be resized by dragging the Image Size bar, and positioned by dragging directly on the image.

Of course, if you decide to sell an artwork just as a phone case, you can optimally resize it before uploading.



How to Cancel your Pixels account without cancelling Fine Art America

As mentioned, your Pixels account is identical to your Fine Art America profile. You may not know this, but it is also identical to 6 other domains! Fine Art America also promotes artist’s work under the sites Fine Art International, Fine Art Europe, Fine Art England, Fine Art North America, Fine Art Australia, and Fine Art Germany.

If for some reason you do not want to be a member of Pixels.com or these other websites, there is a simple way to cancel your memberships. Simply click the “Behind the Scenes” link. Then hit the Domains icon. Simply uncheck other domains you do not wish to sell your prints, then click Submit. Fine Art America recommends you not do this, as the multiple profiles are designed to increase your chances of selling.

What is your opinion of Pixels.com? Are you planning on using this site to sell art on other print on demand items (such as phone cases)?

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  1. Very interesting. I'll keep an eye on it as I'm planning to expand my art offer by selling prints online and selling from my webpage (initially by links to these kind of stores). www.robertoacevesdiaz.com . Great blog, Graham, it has motivated me and given me great advice! -Roberto.


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