Gino Vaglivielo

Florida, United States

Mediums: I use acrylic paint, and bounce between using paint brushes, my hands, paint markers,  sponges and doll hair. To bring my visions to life on the canvas.

Style: Abstract, Experimental

Influences: My art influences are Pop Surrealist Painter Mark Ryden and Taxidermy Art Artist Jessica Joslin.


My Imprints Into Eternity by Gino Vaglivielo

 My Imprints Into Eternity by Gino Vaglivielo


I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut 1979 but have spent most of my life in Florida. My next door neighbor growing up was an artist originally from England. He started teaching me how to paint beaches and birds at the age of five. From there I started to doodle with pencils and black markers.. By my early twenties I was creating abstract art with art markers, giving away my creations to people at the local café almost every week. From there I went back to using paint and have never topped ever since.

I think growing up as a child, having a very vivid imagination lead me to bring my personal world into the reality of others. You really have to stare at my art work to see the hidden images and meaning's within them. The reality is always different for each individual. Anyone can paint a building, a river or a country side.


Why do you create art?

Because it gives me a way to release my emotional and physical thoughts to the world, in a form more people can understand. Then if I just spoke the words, which at times can cause confusion for most.


Curse of The Unchanged Mind by Gino Vaglivielo

 Curse of The Unchanged Mind by Gino Vaglivielo


How often do you create art?

Almost daily since I work on more then one project at a time these days. If I do not create, I have to much bottled up thoughts and energy. They have to go some where why not on a canvas for the world to see.



Nature and all its untamed beauty. Also the human body, no matter what is happening in my life the human form always inspires me to create!


Hijacking Your Mind To Escape My Prison

 Hijacking Your Mind To Escape My Prison - Gino Vaglivielo


How do you promote your art on the internet?

Yes I have my own Tumblr page where I connect with other artists.


What is the most annoying thing someone has said to you about your art?

Hmm interesting, “at least you are being creative.”


I Swallow You

 I Swallow You - Gino Vaglivielo


What plans do you have for the future of your art?

Yes, I plan on attending some art festivals in the near future. What good is your art work if it sits in your home for no one to see it.


Gino Vaglivielo

Florida, United States

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  1. I love that we artists seem to all communicate our feelings through color. It fascinates me! Enjoyed this interview very much.


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