Karl Penton
Newfoundland, Canada

Mediums: Acrylic and Oil Paint
Style: Traditional Newfoundland Paintings , sometimes with a lil' twist.

Taylor Made Evening

I started painting about 2 and a half years ago, so I still am at a very early stage of my "hopefully" long career . I always took whatever art class was available to me during my years at school. I have always been a lover of art and surrounded myself with it since I can remember. My work kinda takes me in many different directions depending on the piece I am working on.

My first experience creating on a professional level was a small painting of a Cod fish,,, which turned out to be the very first print I sold. It is also the only original pice of mine hanging in my home,,, couldn't part with that one.

I like to paint in silence most times,, but if I do have music on in the background,, it's usually Joni Mitchell, Adele or Jason Mraz.

Blowin in the Wind

What I am trying to convey to my viewers is that art can sometimes be what you do see directly and sometimes what you don't see directly, a piece can bring back memories when you see a painting of your grandmothers house,,, or a painting of the place where your Dad use to work.

My process usually starts with a bunch of rough sketches and lots of paper. Once a final design is in place I will then, add in small details and try to bring it to life. At this point I will start thinking about composition onto the canvas,, and colours to use. Once the paint is on the brush, I lay down my first few colours and go from there,,, until I am satisfied with the finished product.

I am usually inspired to create by things around me,,, buildings,,, skies,, trees,,, and what I think I would like to see on my own walls.

I have done a few exhibits ,,, a few on my own at different trade shows where I bring my originals along for people to look at and at The Gwenlyn Cooper Gallery in Grand Falls-Windsor.

I have sold my work since I started 2 1/2 years ago,,, I have sold six originals to one person at  a trade show,,, I sell prints of my work as well as a many commission pieces I have been asked to do .

I promote my art work on the internet at my own website kpentonart.com and of course on Facebook and Twitter.

Cod on a Flake

Influences?   Too many to mention,,, I do love Christopher Pratt's work as well as Lloyd Pretty.
I highly recommend those artist because their work is so detailed and eye catching.

Plans I have for the future of my art are to try and get it out to more people by expanding beyond the traditional painting or print,,,, I am planning on introducing greeting cards of my work along with different set of coasters,,, that way if someone does want art in their homes (but not in a big way) they can have a nice set of coasters,,or a few cards laying around.

My advice to any emerging artist would be: Not to listen to me,,, I am just as emerging as you are,,, we are all in this together and let's connect and help each other any way we can.

Karl Penton
Newfoundland, Canada
Website: kpentonart | Twitter | Facebook

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