Designed to Sell
For many artists, consistently selling art can be a real struggle. But it doesn't have to be. There are certain steps artists can take to making a good and consistent income by selling art.

I have briefly covered some of these steps in past articles of this blog but have often wished there was some sort of course or all inclusive guide for marketing artworks and building a creative business. I have often thought of creating that resource myself, but because of the many things I have going on, I am presently unable to get it done (though I'm not ruling it out in the future).

But luckily Chris Guillebeau, the respected author of the Art of Non-Conformity blog, has released such a course. It's called Designed to Sell - The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom.

I am really impressed with the thoroughness and practicality of this course. Using the steps contained within, I think any artist, wherever they are at in their careers, can become successful. Chis obviously thinks so too, or he wouldn't be offering that $5000 guarantee:

If you study the materials in depth and don't believe you can apply something from it to make at least $5,000 in additional income over the next year, let us know—and you'll get your money back even if you like it.

Interestingly, the guide comes in three versions, making it accessible to the amateur artist as well as artists serious about building a thriving, long-term business. I am listing everything included in the full course below. Please visit this link to see what is included in each individual version. Here are some things in the Designed to Sell - The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom guide:

  1. Designed to Sell - 130 pages of practical steps to building an art business.

    "A mega-manual to navigate the business of making and marketing your creative work to the world. We lay out an end-to-end process that leads you from the very first stages of developing a marketable idea, all the way beyond your first sale to taking your business to scale. We didn't leave out any steps because we know that your successful creative business can't either."

  2. Creative Business Resources

    "Get a head start on your creative competition with our carefully curated list of recommended creative business resources. The directory lists products, services, tools, and suppliers that have been vetted by successful creative businesses. This resource will save you time and minimize mistakes with third party suppliers as your creative business gets off the ground."

  3.  The Roadmap to Creative Freedom

    "Don't miss a step with the ultimate business builder's checklist. A master to-do-list that covers each and every creative and business task you'll need to complete to achieve creative freedom—from your first sketches to packaging your final product."

  4. The Ultimate Pricing Toolkit

    "Confidently put a fair and profitable price tag on your work. Includes cost calculation worksheets, a Competitive Pricing Tool, and a comprehensive guide to discounts and sales pricing. This toolkit WILL make you money."

  5. 10 Lessons We Learned the Hard Way Video

    "Avoid the common mistakes Jen & Omar made while building their six-figure art business. This video will show you how you can avoid these big and expensive mistakes completely."

  6. 8 Audio Interviews

    "Learn success secrets of six artists and two business experts on scaling your work. Interviews reveal how each artist discovered their big idea, grew their brand, and overcame their challenges. Full transcripts included!"

  7. Social Media For Artists

    "Tools to market your creative brand online (no fancy PR firm required). Includes quick social media strategies, posting schedules and platform tips."

  8. Crafting the Perfect Pitch

    "Get your product featured on top creative blogs and in legit publications. Includes pitch samples and DIY template."

  9. Finding Your Big Idea

    "A list of hundreds of marketable product ideas for artists working in virtually any medium."

All in all, this is a very intensive and all inclusive course. The training received has such huge potential for success in any art or design business.

If you already have or are planning to get Designed to Sell - The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom and would like to share your impressions and successes, please do so below in the comment section.

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