Marie Lantz

United States of America

Mediums: Acrylic Paints, Pencils, Pens

Favorite Quote: Never apologize; it's a sign of weakness- Gibbs (NCIS)

Favorite Book: The Dexter Series by Jeff Lindsey,

Favorite Movies: Sherlock Holmes, Ironman, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Labyrinth, The Princess Bride

Pop Art Selfie

My art is heavily influenced by pop art, fantasy art, and nature. A lot of my art features birds, flowers; anything really nature influenced. I love the idea of added a "Mother Nature" concept into my pieces.

I love to use bright, vivid colors because it reflects my personality. I'm that girl that loves unicorns and sparkly things. It's amazing because I'm 25 and I still love these things. Beyond that, I draw or paint what I want. I've learned that you have to or you lose creativity and become this zombie artist trying to fit in with the mainstream popular art. I incorporate what I like into my art. My paintings are more abstract, which allows me to lose myself in my work; while my drawings are intensely detailed and specific. It's like I have two artistic personalities.

Please tell us about your first experience creating. 

I drew on the walls in my room? Nah. Actually, I can't recall a singular first moment. I've been creating my entire life. One moment that always sticks out though is from elementary school. I kept drawing these weird fairies that didn't even look like fairies. I mean, they were hideous. But everyone wanted me to draw one for them. So, I just stuck with it.

What music do you like to have playing while creating art? 

I prefer to listen to classical music, mainly Chopin. I love music without lyrics; something I can play softly while I paint so that it's not distracting me. Anything with piano or violin works for me.

If you have a job besides being an artist, can you tell us about it? 

I currently work at a smoothie joint... Making smoothies all day, every day. I just recently, however, switched to part time so I can focus more on my art and promoting it.

Pop Art Lion

What are you trying to convey to viewers through your art? 

It depends on the piece. But I love animals and nature so I feel like my art symbolizes the compassion and love I feel for these two things. Also, the colors. I'm expressing my thoughts in color.
It's like this beautiful mess that makes these weird pieces that everyone I know labels as, well, weird. I want people to look at my art and see their dreams and imagination coming to life. I want them to think, for a minute, that this fairy or unicorn, is real. And it's been captured on this canvas or paper.

Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion: 

I never pre-sketch. I probably should, but I don't. I love to just wing it. And then I erase a lot. And wing it some more. That's my process. It's a mess. But it seems to work so far. After that, I get pretty serious about what I want my piece to look like. I picture colors in my mind and sometimes I will jot them down somewhere. Typical pieces take from a day to a week to finish. When it's all said and done, I varnish it and call it quits.

What things inspire you to create art? 

Goddesses, and fantasy elements (along with aforementioned nature and animals) are huge inspirations to me. I love the idea of elves, goddesses, unicorns, fairies etc. I like things that you don't see in the real world, because art is an escape from that for me. I also am inspired by nature. It's art in itself, if you ever just sit down and look at it.


What exhibitions have you had?

I've not had solo exhibitions, but I go to local art shows and festivals around 11 times a year. I love the atmosphere of them, seeing all of the other artists and their creations: magical.
Someday though, I will have my own exhibition and then I'll tell you about it.

Have you sold any of your artworks? 

I have sold a few. Mainly from the art fairs. I did do this furry commission once, by a recommendation. That was pretty neat. I'm still starting out so I hope that I can sell more as the years go on.

How do you promote your art on the internet? 

Facebook, and Instagram! I hashtag everything as well. I'm one of "those" people who don't know when to stop hashtagging. I also have a website, but that's less than two months old. It's really all about utilizing the free social platforms that are readily available to visual artists. I also dabble in Society6.

Tell us about influences

Besides what I've mentioned, I guess a little bit of everything can be an influence. From colors, to movies, to songs that I hear when I am at work. Sometimes I don't even realize it until weeks later that I've been influenced by something.

Please recommend another artist you admire

I admire Patricia Ariel. She adds geometrical elements to work work with splashes of color that are phenomenal. And, she incorporates animals into her work.

Tell us something interesting in your life  

I went to my first NFL football game. HUGE deal for me. It wasn't my favorite team but the idea that I was in the same stadium as some of my favorite players was mind blowing. Also, my cat farts when you hug him. True story. I feel like that incorporates a little funny story into it.

Do you have an embarrassing moment in your life? 

I threw up on the bus, all over an art project that had taken me weeks to finish. I ended up throwing it away. I was super shy as a kid, and having the other kids freak out because vomit was oozing down the bus aisles was awful for me.

If you could live your life over again, would there be anything you would do differently?  

I would be an animal photographer or a vet. Unless I had to put down animals. Both sound good as alternative lives.

What plans do you have for the future of your art? 

Improve. Incorporate more of my personality into my works. For years, everyone told me that my art was weird and I'd never amount to much. So I want to prove them wrong. I mean, my art is weird to normal people. I kind of like it.

Do you have any good advice for emerging artists? 

Be you. Always. Also, don't settle into what everyone else is doing. If your art is completely different than everyone else's, then go with it. You'll love it more if you do.

Marie Lantz - The Visual Ramblings of a Lost Soul

United States of America

Website: mlantzart

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