As stated in the previous post, Many Artists are Making a Good Living on Patreon, Artpromotivate now has its own Patreon page!

Please join here to get exclusive access to ad-free posts, early content and more: APM on Patreon

Artpromotivate on Patreon

Some of the tiers have been adjusted since the first post, and our offerings have become much easier to follow. The first tier now includes an optional link on our future thank-you page, which will be accessed from the top menu.

The banner rotator has been removed for now. We thought it best to remove it, and may offer it again sometime in the coming months. Please let us know if you want it back!

The art website link in the sidebar has been removed as well, and may be reinstituted if you want to see it again.

The intent of our Patreon page is to:

  1. Give readers a way of supporting this website, and giving back.

  2. Helping to grow this community of artists, so that we can offer more opportunities for you.

  3. Giving easier access to articles, without the ads and images - and early content.

    Some have mentioned that I should write an ebook, and include many of the articles from Artpromotivate. Well, this is the next best thing. Over time, we plan on including all the best articles and advice Artpromotivate has to offer, completely ad free and easy to read. Check it out at our Patreon page, especially the second tier.

    When you join this tier, you will instantly receive access to all exclusive posts. You can easily access them all by the "exclusive" tag on the left so you may read or reread them at your leisure.

    Because we appreciate you so much, we are adding a bonus to this tier. Soon, you will receive access to content before anyone else! For now, this will be limited to at least 5 early content articles a month, but we hope to include more as well.

    In addition, after we have at least 100 patrons in the tier, we want to add something new! Please let us know your suggestions for that!

    Check it all out here: APM on Patreon

  4. Help us achieve one of our goals - the purchase of professional videos equipment so that we can supply quality video content for you.

Thank-you so much for being here, even if you are not a Patron. As stated in the past, we will continue promoting artists for free and writing articles for you, because that's what we are about!

Our members at Patreon will allow us to continue to do that!

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