I have wrote several articles on Facebook pages in the past, and have had great success with it in promoting this website, other artists and my own art. I can't, with a clear conscience, recommend it anymore.

Is Facebook Good Anymore?

Here are just a couple past articles:

Facebook to Promote Art
How to Get Likes for Facebook Pages

Back when Facebook pages started, Facebook promoted its service as a free business page. It was easy to get likes, and most of those people saw what I posted, and therefore kept returning. Several large pages sprung up, and the pages feature became intensely popular.

Then, it all started to go downhill once Facebook introduced paid promotions. According to Facebook, this was a way for business owners to boost their pages and extend their post reach - and let more people see their pages. Nowadays, posts seem to be not seen at all, unless it is paid for or viewed by a returning visitor to the page. They don't seem to show up in followers news feeds at all!

Recently, I have posted several times to the Artpromotivate Facebook page. There might be an impression here and there, but no visitors at all.

I think I would get more visibility if I posted something on a tree in a forest. Maybe a hiker might notice it or something!

This is not simple conjecture. I have read about several other's pages experiencing the same.

Now, this all does not mean I don't recommend Facebook at all. The personal profiles and groups still remain effect for promoting art. The groups even have a relatively new feature whereby an artwork can be posted with a price. The Facebook marketplace feature is also much more robust and effective than it has been.

How is your Facebook page doing? Are you experiencing the same?

What's going on Facebook?

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  1. I agree. The facebook pages have become placeholders to show you have one but they don't get seen if you don't pay, and I don't have the cash to shell out on ads

    1. That's truth, and I haven't bothered with the ads either.. thanks for your comment!

  2. Yep. Most of my page posts don't get seen unless I promote them. Promotion is reasonable and reaches most of my target audience, so I will occasionally promote through Facebook. Additionally, if I share from my website to Facebook, it also seems to get buried in the feed. Would love suggestions.

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