Couple Making Art to Sell Online

Whether you’re an artist or affiliate marketer — selling art online is now one of the easiest things you can do to make money.

There’s plenty of ways for you to make a profit.

For example ...

  • If you’re business savvy and enjoy online marketing, you can create a website that doubles as a digital art gallery and online shop.

  • If you’re an internet social butterfly, you can promote different types of artwork to the followers you attract on social media.

  • If you’re a blogger, you can simply place relevant images of the art you want to sell throughout your blog posts.

Making money from your artwork or promoting someone else’s artwork for sale is that easy!

However you choose to sell art online, one of the best ways to multiply your success is through an affiliate program.

But before you join one (or a couple of them) ...

You should know as much as you can about the companies and affiliate programs you’re linking up with first.

They’re all unique and require an investment of your time and energy.

However, the ones featured on the upcoming list will not require an investment of your money.

The affiliate programs offered by Displate, RedBubble, and Society6 are 100% free to join.

There’s absolutely no barrier to entry ...

So if you want to sell art online the easy way, those three brands are your meal ticket and saving grace.

But before you commit to one, you’ll want to perform due diligence ...

Dig deep ...

And do your research.

Knowing that you’re partnered with a company that’ll help you meet your goals is important.

It certainly makes your job as an affiliate marketer (or selling artist) a lot easier, too.

While there’s a lot of opportunities for you to make money from selling art on the internet ...

Some brands’ affiliate programs will make it easier to do than others, like the three listed below.

Learn all you can about each of them as much as possible.

You’ll definitely want to know more about these companies if you plan to sell art online.

1. Displate

Sell Art With

About Displate

Displate is both an online marketplace and a manufacture for buying sleek metal wall posters, featuring original artwork created by independent artists from all over the world.

The innovative Polish company started in 2013.

At a healthy pace, Displate grew into a much larger sized operation by amassing over 100 employees in just a few short years at its central location in Warsaw.

In 2018, the evolving company expanded its reach to the US and recently opened additional headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Due to the rising popularity of the high quality wall posters and print-on-demand services they offer, they’ve solidified themselves as a key player and shareholder in the ‘sell your art online’ market.

Not only is Displate’s growth impressive, so are the company’s partnerships.

To the delight of its fanbase, Displate is teamed up with several popular brands like Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, and Blizzard Entertainment in order to feature more comic book and video game themed artwork for sale on its platform.

Because the wall posters, also called a Displate, are made of steel and not paper, the company is creating sustainable and eco-friendly products as an added value.

They’re what you call a ‘green’ company.

To make another positive impact on the world, Displate has partners with non-profit organizations like Trees For The Future.

Together, the companies have planted over 6 million trees throughout East and West Africa to help protect the local environments there, as well as enrich the lives of the people living in those communities.

Overall, Displate is an impressive company with an amazing product and a positive brand image.

They also present a perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers and artists who want to sell art online — especially when you find out what they’ll pay you — up to 30% or 40% commission!

But wait…

Before we get into the details of how much money you’ll make with Displate, you need to know how their website and online marketplace work.

How The Marketplace Works At

If you’re thinking of joining Displate’s affiliate program, it helps to first know what your customers will experience when they visit Displate’s online marketplace, i.e., their website.

If someone clicks one of your affiliate links, they’ll be directed to a product page that looks like this:

Displate Product Page

Cool art, right?

Nice web design, too.

Everything is nice, clean, and organized -- which is good for affiliate sales.

Typically, the easier you make it for people to buy, the more likelihood they will.

So, kudos to the Displate creative team.

On the other hand …

If a person wants to use your affiliate promo code, the customer will simply visit the website’s homepage to begin searching for products they want to buy at a discount.

At a later time during checkout, they’ll enter your unique affiliate promo code so you get credit for the sale.

(Yes, it’s really this easy to make money by selling art online.)

To help someone find a product, Displate’s marketplace will present to them a few choices.

  • Search for any term that comes to mind.
  • Browse by what’s trending, bestselling, or the editors’ picks.
  • Visit one of the product category pages to find artwork based on pop culture, your passions, and other fun things you’re interested in.
  • You can also discover original artwork promoted on the company’s blog and Instagram channel.

Whether somebody clicks your affiliate link or wants to use your affiliate promo code, Displate’s online marketplace will deliver a professional experience for the customer and make it easy to buy.


Now you may be wondering about the products you can sell as a Displate affiliated art agent.

The online marketplace has a small list of products for now.

But that’s actually a good thing.

You can use this to your advantage as an affiliate.

Let’s get a better idea at the products you can sell with Displate by looking below.

The Art Products You Can Sell With Displate’s Affiliate Program

  • Metal wall art posters that are magnet mounted

Displate’s high quality posters are the future of wall art ...

And people love to buy them to decorate their homes and offices.

As an example, here’s a few of the posters you could sell as an affiliate from Displate’s Car Legends collection:

Marty Car LegendsBaby Car LegendsWick Car Legends

Nice posters, right?

The art prints are literally made of steel, yet incredibly durable and lightweight, too.

Uniquely, each poster includes a magnet for safe and easy mounting to your customers’ wall.

No power tools are needed.

No hammer and nails.

There’s simply no hassle when it comes to hanging up the decoration.

Displate has thought of it all.

Displate’s in-house production also means they have total control over the quality of every single product, a guarantee for happy customers and affiliate marketers who make sales.

To reinforce this level of satisfaction, before every poster is shipped, its first checked for quality assurance and receives an autograph from the Master of Production for added authenticity (don’t worry, the signature is hidden on the back).

If it isn’t clear, these are not your average pieces of art for sale.

The wall posters from Displate look and feel superior to any other kind you’ve ever seen before.

Hence, selling art online with Displate is one of the easier methods for making money as an affiliate.

To learn more about Displate’s product or see one for yourself, visit

Make Money Online Selling Art with

The Money You’ll Make From Selling Art Online With Displate

As hinted, you can make a nice profit from affiliate sales with Displate.

Displate affiliate members will make up to 30% commission for selling someone’s art.

The artists who submit their own designs to Displate’s marketplace for sale can also join the affiliate program -- they’ll make up to 40% commission.

Although the company features only one type of product, a metal wall poster, they absolutely give you more than one way to make a sale.

To make good money with Displate, you can sell:

  • Multiple posters
  • Different sized posters
  • Art poster collections
  • Multiplates
If you haven’t already guessed …
The larger the poster or art collection sold, the larger your wallet or bank account becomes.

Pretty easy concept!

You should definitely try Displate as your first affiliate program to make money online, especially if you’re still new to affiliate marketing.

This will keep things nice and simple for you.

And with’ll actually be earning triple the amount of money that 99% of other affiliate programs will never give you.

In fact, Displate has one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the internet.

So really, no matter if you’re an experienced or beginner affiliate marketer, you should be clicking here to sign up now for Displate’s affiliate program.

In the end, whether you share links to someone else’s creations or you sell your own art, you’ll make better than average affiliate money with Displate.

It’s exactly why they’re ranked number one on this list.

For a quick reference, here’s everything else you need to know about Displate’s affiliate program, the ‘Art Agent Program,’ if you want to join:

  • Commission: Up to 30% for affiliates. Up to 40% for artists in the affiliate program.
  • Payment threshold: You must earn at least $50 before you can request payment.
  • Payment delivery time: You’ll receive payment 45 days after you make a request.
  • Affiliate payment method: PayPal
  • Affiliate sales generation: Affiliate links and affiliate promo codes
  • Cookie duration: 30 days.
  • Cost to join: Free

Do you want to make money selling art online with Displate’s affiliate program?


2. RedBubble

Sell Art Online with

About RedBubble

RedBubble, like Displate, is another fun marketplace to discover original artwork submitted from independent artists around the globe.

However, what sets this company apart from the others on this list is the fact you can order designs to be printed on multiple various products -- not just wall posters.

You’ll learn more about their products in the next section.

So let’s continue ...

In 2006, RedBubble was founded ‘down under’ in Melbourne, Australia.

Winning several awards over the next decade, the company’s success landed them on the Australian Stock Exchange as investors poured millions into the popular brand’s online store and platform.

Springing forward to 2018, RedBubble is now reported to be worth 115 million Australian dollars as a publicly traded company. This amount equals to be around US $82 million.

Not too shabby, right?

Spanning three continents, they’ve established offices in Australia, Germany, and the United States, employing 170 people.

Oh yeah. If you didn’t already know, RedBubble just acquired TeePublic for over $40 million US dollars.

To have this much success, they must be doing something right.

But one question remains:

Will you have success as a RedBubble affiliate?

Before we help you answer this question, you should know a thing or two about their marketplace as well.

After all, design plays a major role in whether someone buys something or exits with an empty cart.

To start your research on the print-on-demand’s place of e-commerce, a brief look is all you need.

How The Marketplace Works At

Does the idea of partnering with RedBubble’s affiliate program excite you? If so, that’s great.

You’ll still want to review what their website looks like, though, so you can understand exactly how the people who buy your affiliate products will be able to interact with RB’s online marketplace.

Trust me, it’s very different from Displate’s website and marketplace, as you’ll see why.

(But here’s a quick hint: RedBubble has a much wider range of products to select from.)

So, what exactly will people see if they click your RedBubble affiliate link?

They’ll be directed to a product page that looks like this:


Typically, your customer will be greeted by a cool or funny product.

And lots of white space.

But this is probably great for your sales conversions.

Due to the design of the web page, your customer’s eyes will always focus on your affiliate product.

Any other items for sale cannot be viewed unless a person were to scroll down the page.

Something else to take notice of is how the bright blue ‘Add to Cart’ button clearly stands out from the images of the product, making it very easy for people to locate and click to buy.

All of these marketing elements are something to consider because the difference between a good design and poor design of an online marketplace could make you thousands of dollars more … or thousands less.

Overall, RedBubble’s marketplace has an attractive design which is why lots of people buy from their website.

But what happens if you giveaway your affiliate promo code instead of a link?

In this case, the customer will simply visit RedBubble’s homepage to search for products they want to buy.

At a later time during checkout, people will enter the unique affiliate promo code you gave to them so they can get a slight discount on what they bought (and so you get credit for the sale).

To help someone find a product, RedBubble’s marketplace will present to them a few choices.

  • You can search by product names, artworks, or themes.
  • Browse by collections, featured artists of the day, and a long product feed featuring various artworks on different types of items for sale, like cups, pillows, and t-shirts.
  • Lastly, you may visit one of the product category pages, like Bags, Stickers, and Greeting Cards, etc.
Want to know a little more about their product line and what you can sell as an affiliate?

Scroll down.

The Art Products You Can Sell With RedBubble’s Affiliate Program

  • Men’s and women’s apparel
  • Kids’ and babies clothes
  • Stickers (something the company is well-known for)
  • Device cases (for smartphones, tablets, and laptops)
  • Stationary (their greeting cards are 10x better than Hallmark cards)
  • Wall art
  • Home decor
  • Bags
  • Gifts
Clearly, affiliate marketers have a smorgasbord of items to sell with RedBubble.
To make a purchase, customers simply find a product they want to buy with their favorite design printed on it.

It’s a great idea for making money online because the designs and massive array of products can appeal to just about any blog or social media audience.

Now that you know what’s possible to sell with RedBubble’s affiliate program, let’s dive into a few of the popular items that are being sold on the platform.

Clothing Apparel
For men’s clothing options, you can market and sell T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and tank tops. The average stuff guys like to wear.

For ladies clothing options, the RedBubble wardrobe offers a similar variety of products to sell such as dresses, mini skirts, leggings, and scarves.

If you’re an affiliate, just keep in mind that most of these apparel items will sell better than others depending on the season or time of year it is.

Now, let’s not forget about the children…

For kids and babies clothes, you got two options: T-shirts and One-Pieces.

Let’s move on.


Sets of Stickers

If RedBubble is known for anything, it’s stickers.

They’re hot little items.

Even if you’re not a sticker person, there are millions of people who will gladly pay for them if they’re high quality like these ones.

You can sell a lot of stickers, too, because you can’t just buy one. (Okay, you actually can get a single sticker, but where’s the fun in that?)

Call me crazy, but I’m willing to bet most people opt for a bundle deal and aren’t afraid to drop $10 to $20 on a whole set of ‘em.

In short, the sticker gig might be a good one for affiliates to hop on, but only if you market the right designs to the right people.

So keep that in mind.

Is there something else you should remember if you plan to join their affiliate program?


Smartphone Cases

Smartphone Protective Cases/Skins

People’s eyeballs and hands are glued to their smartphones.

They’ve become our 6th appendage, and most people can’t live without one (or so they think).

As is the case , RedBubble’s device cases will impress you.

They’ve got thousands of skin designs to print for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy’s, providing you a unique style and an extra layer of padding for protection, should you drop ‘your precious’ device.
  (If you read that last line in Golem’s voice from Lord of the Rings, here’s an *air five*)

Now listen up, if you’re thinking of becoming an affiliate for RedBubble, this is important:

The online store has nothing available for Google Pixel phones.

So you can’t market to the growing crowd of folks who own one.


With that being said, there’s probably hundreds of people who follow you on social media that own an iPhone or Galaxy.

If you showed them a cool design from RedBubble right now, you’d probably make a quick sale.

Maybe not, who knows until you try?

Here’s what we do know though:

People love their phones so there’s a lot of opportunity to make money online in this affiliate niche, if you’re up for it.

Redbubble Bags


The last RedBubble product we’ll cover in more detail are bags.


Well, if phones are someones 6th appendage, consider bags a 7th for some people.

Bags are always a hot item.

You can fact-check it on Google (actually, it’s so easy to prove my point that you don’t need to.)

Just ask any female right now if they want a new bag. (99.99% will tell you they want one.)

Here are some facts, though. No fact-checking required.

Fact 1. People buy bags as gifts for their girlfriends, wives, moms, and grandmothers. They also buy them for their boyfriends, husbands, dads, and grandfathers. Kids, too.

So there’s always buyers. And a huge demand for them.

Fact 2. Bags are a type of item that will often sell itself.

So it’s easy affiliate money.

Fact 3. Some people can never have too many bags.

RedBubble knows this, too, and they’re smart enough to offer a variety of them with different designs.

There’s tote bags, studio pouches, drawstring bags (backpacks), bags for your laptop device, and my personal favorite... bowling ball bags (Okay, so I lied about the last one).

In all truth and sincerity, here’s the best thing about bags (and the last time I’ll mention them, I swear!) ...

They’re one of the most expensive items for purchase at RedBubble, so if you’re going to sell anything as an affiliate with them, try bags.

To learn more about RedBubble’s products or see one for yourself, visit

Remember when I asked you “can you be successful with RedBubble?”

It depends on what spells success for you. For most, it’s about earning the almighty dollar bill.

Make Money Online Selling Art with

The Money You’ll Make From Selling Art Online With RedBubble

There’s two ways to make money with RedBubble, either as an affiliate or a selling artist.

How Affiliates Make Money Online With RedBubble

RedBubble affiliates make up to 10% commission.

That’s it.

How Artists Make Money Online With RedBubble

Independent artists can submit their artwork to RedBubble and hope someone stumbles upon their design by searching for the right keywords (and make a lucky sale).

Or the artist can share links to their products.This method will bring your more success.

If you choose, RedBubble will let you markup the prices to generate higher profits (for you and them).

Although you have more control over how much you earn as an artist, just be aware that when you do markup the price, it may deter some customers from purchasing.

Typically, RedBubble artists will make an average margin of 17% from sales, which is actually pretty decent money depending on who you ask.

But it is a bit strange the average ROI is lower than RedBubble’s suggested default of 20%.

Either way, their honest reporting is helpful and appreciated.

For artists, another cool thing about RedBubble’s affiliate program is that you can choose which product items your artwork will appear on.

If you can’t envision your design on a greeting card or coffee mug, that’s fine. It won’t be.

Instead, you can elect to sell your artwork on bedding items only, like pillows and cushions.

Keep Your Expectations In Check

There’s something very important that affiliates and artists need to know before selling with RedBubble.

Keep your expectations in check.


You can profit from RedBubble, but based on several online reviews -- you probably won’t make as much as you can with other programs and online marketplaces for selling art.

To be successful with any affiliate program, it takes some work.

But … earning a low affiliate commission of 10% or only 17% profit margins won’t help you unless you’re selling your affiliate products like hot cakes, left ‘n’ right.

I mean, 17% is okay comparatively speaking ...

But without RedBubble offering any higher ticket items for sale, the payout you receive is lower than what most affiliate members are comfortable with.

For this reason alone, to make money online with RedBubble as an affiliate or artist, you’ll have to work harder than you might like to.

Here’s some advice:

If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer with the type of products sold on RedBubble, then you should go for it. Join right now.

Why the encouragement for you?

Well, you’ve probably got the marketing skills, you’re sales savvy, and you already have decent amounts of traffic flowing to your blog or social media pages.


If you’re just now getting your feet wet in affiliate marketing, or you’re an artist who wants to sell your designs on RedBubble, you should probably look elsewhere.

You are reading this right now because you want to make money, right?


Now, if you want to ignore everything I just said and take a stab with RedBubble, I implore you to cross that line in the sand, and sign up. 

Again, this must be stressed ...

It will take a little more time for you to see the type of money you really want to see comin’ in if you join RedBubble’s affiliate program or sell your art on their website.


Don’t let that burst your bubble!

As your marketing skills develop, you’ll have more success on RB’s marketplace.

Overall, it wouldn’t hurt you to open up an affiliate shop with them and see what happens.

For a quick reference, here’s everything else you need to know about RedBubble’s Affiliate Program if you want to join:

  • Commission: Affiliate marketers will make up to 10%. Artists cannot join the affiliate program (but they can upload original designs to RedBubble’s marketplace and earn an average of 17% profit margins on sales).
  • Payment threshold: No minimum threshold.
  • Payment delivery time: You’ll receive payment 31 to 60 days after product ships.
  • Affiliate payment method: PayPal or other bank account
  • Affiliate sales generation: Affiliate links and affiliate promo codes
  • Cookie duration: 45 days.
  • Cost to join: Free

Do you want to make money selling art online with RedBubble’s affiliate program?

3. Society6

Sell Art Online With

About Society6

For a moment, let’s turn back time so we can get to know what Society6 is all about.

Society6 is a popular e-commerce platform and print-on-demand service for original artwork, much like the other two companies on this list.

The company sprouted in 2009 and has headquarters located in Santa Monica, California.

For them, a monumental success was just around the corner ...

In less than 5 years, Society6 was purchased by Leaf Group, a conglomerate whose portfolio features other online brands like eHow and LIVESTRONG.COM, to name a couple.

But what started the company, Society6?

A simple philosophy.

Society6 was created to bridge the gap between the artist and the art lover.

It became the company’s mission.

To begin fulfilling it, they focused on building partnerships with supporters who could giveaway grant money to some of Society6’s lucky artists.

Next, the company mastered the art of art curation to help expose artists and their work to wider audiences online.

And later in 2016, the company upgraded the Artist Studio, the tool artists can use to upload their designs for sale on the marketplace.

Brilliant move.

Now that it’s easier to submit your artwork ...

Floods of artists on the internet and affiliates, too, are excited again about making money with Society6.

Today, the print-on-demand service from SoCal is still one of the most popular places to sell art online, whether you’re an artist or affiliate.

Now, here’s something kind of interesting you should take notice of  …

The company is reported to only earn an estimated $5 million in annual revenue with 60 employees.

Yeah. They’re not as big of a company as you might’ve been led to believe.

Plus, $5 million in annual revenue isn’t a lot of money considering Society6’s massive appeal and presence on the web and social media.

Honestly, if you’re an affiliate or artist, this should concern you a little if you were hoping to make a big chunk of money with Society6.

It’s not impossible though.

Because Society6 is beginning to cater to a slightly different market, they’re still worth a try.

Even if you’ve partnered with them in the past and had little success, they’re still worth another gamble because of their new product line and artist’s tool for uploading designs.

Uploading Designs

How The Marketplace Works At

If you ask any artist who’s tried selling their art online, “where did you begin selling art?”

At least half will tell you about Society6’s marketplace.

If you ask that question to any affiliate who’s tried selling art online ...

Half of them will also tell you Society6.


That’s easy to answer.

The majority of them already tried RedBubble a few years earlier, had some success, and wanted to replicate it on a very very similar platform (Society6).

It’s a logical move.

Although the two POD marketplaces look eerily similar, Society6 uses a modern and fancy design to attract customers and entice them to buy.

As always, when customers click your affiliate link, they’ll be directed to a product page, like normal:

Bloom 5 Bar Stool

To view more information about the product they’re looking at, a customer doesn’t need to scroll the page or move their eyes too far from the big black ‘add to cart’ button.

In turn, this may slightly increase your sales as an affiliate.

Who really knows.

Here’s something I do know though:

If a customer decides to leave the product page that your link sent them to, it’s okay.

Society6, just like Displate and RedBubble, will let them shop around for up to 1 month or so, and you’ll still earn affiliate money.

When someone wants to use your affiliate promo code to get a discount, here’s how a customer can search for an item on Society6’s marketplace:

  • Find something great by searching for it using any relevant keyword
  • Browse the featured product categories
  • Scan the home page’s giant wall of images that display featured products
Speaking of products, here’s a list of merchandise you can sell as a Society6 affiliate member.

The Art Products You Can Sell With Society6’s Affiliate Program

  • Clothing apparel
  • Furniture
  • Home decor
  • Wall art
  • Pillows and bedding
  • Bath
  • Tech
  • Stickers and stationery
  • Tabletop items
  • Bags

Does it feel like you’ve seen this list before?

You basically have.

Society6 will let you sell the same types of affiliate products that RedBubble offers.

However …

You might have a slight advantage selling with Society6 because they also let you sell custom furniture and duffle bags.

The benefits for affiliates are quite clear:

Furniture and duffle bags give you two extra types of customers you can sell artwork to — which puts more money in your pocket.

To get a better idea, let’s take a closer look.

Customer Designed Furniture

Want to give people a really fun place to sit down, relax, and unwind?

Then you need to sell a product that’s a combination of furniture and artwork.

It’s why Society6 offers custom designed furniture with original artwork printed on them like these:

  • Benches
  • Bar stools
  • Counter stools
Clearly, these are all different types of chairs you can sell.
But if you want to earn even more money … you can!

As a Society6 affiliate, you can sell the matching tables, too, like these:

  • Side tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Credenzas (sideboard cupboards)
The variety of custom designed furniture from Society6 is really exciting if you want to sell art online as an affiliate marketer, simply because these products cost hundreds of dollars!

Therefore, it’s quite possible for you to generate a lot of income from just a handful of affiliate sales.

It’s also worth knowing that furniture online sales are rising, so Society6 should grab your full attention if you want to sell art online as an affiliate.

Duffle Bags

Society6 has sold bags for quite a while but duffle bags are a new addition (and they look great).

While this isn’t a major improvement to their product line, it does give affiliate members another group of people to market to which could expand your total earnings.

Easily, you could market these bags to audiences who like to travel frequently.

Or to outdoorsy people who like to go camping.

The duffle bags also serve as great gym or sports bags for carrying around equipment, so athletic people will certainly buy these from you if you’re a Society6 affiliate member.

As mentioned before, Society6 has other products obviously, but they’re so similar to what you can find on RedBubble, it’s not worth mentioning here twice.

So ...

Let’s move on and discuss how much money you can make with Society6’s affiliate program.

Make Money Online Selling Art with

The Money You’ll Make From Selling Art Online With Society6

Society6’s affiliate program offers you a lower-tiered commission of 10%.

So therefore, becoming a profitable affiliate marketer who sells art online could be somewhat of a challenge with them.

But it can be done.

To increase your chance of success with Society6, you can focus on selling the larger sized items featured on their marketplace, like the custom designed furniture you read about earlier.

These are big ticket items, so they’ll tend to make you more money than other types of products.

If you don’t want to play it this safe though, you don’t have to.

You can sell art online with Society6 by promoting less expensive products, too.

Just realize that it if you’re selling items of a lower dollar value, you’ll have to make a lot of extra affiliate sales to start bringing in the type of money that you truthfully want to see coming in.

Luckily, there’s plenty to look forward to if you’re considering Society6’s affiliate program.

The addition of more expensive products is a clear indication the company is working to improve their affiliate program and make it a more profitable side hustle for those who join.

All in all, it’s another easy affiliate program that’ll make you money if you’re passionate about selling art online (and if you’re a good marketer).

For a quick reference, here’s everything else you need to know about Society6’s affiliate program if you want to join:

  • Commission: Affiliate marketers make 10%. Artists cannot join the affiliate program but they can sell their own designs for a similar commission.
  • Payment threshold: None.
  • Payment delivery time: You’ll receive payment 31 to 60 days after product ships.
  • Affiliate payment method: PayPal
  • Affiliate sales generation: Affiliate links and affiliate promo codes
  • Cookie duration: 30 days.
  • Cost to join: Free

Do you want to make money selling art online with Society6’s affiliate program?

Final Words About Selling Art Online

Building your side hustle with an awesome affiliate program can be a lot of fun no matter what you’re selling.

But if you’re selling art, your job as an affiliate becomes 10x as fun ...

Especially if you’re partnered with any of the three brands mentioned.

As you discovered, Displate, Redbubble, and Society6 are all very interesting companies that’ll help you make money online selling art.

But because they’re so unique from each other, each brand’s affiliate program is very different from one another, too.

Now that you know quite a bit of information about each one, now’s the time for you to select which company’s affiliate program you want to join so you can start making an extra income for yourself.

To make the decision process easier for you, just ask yourself, “Which of these three companies’ aspects do I care about most?”

  • Is it a company’s background or mission statement?
  • Is it the branding, design, and ease of buying at the company’s online marketplace?
  • Do you care about the range of products you can promote and sell with their affiliate program?
  • Or do you simply only care about joining the affiliate program with the highest commission offer?

Whatever the deciding factor is for you, you’ll always have three easy affiliate programs that’ll help you do an amazing job at selling art online.

Here they are again at a quick glance:

  • Displate (30% affiliate commission, 30 day cookie)
  • RedBubble (10% affiliate commission, 45 day cookie)
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So, are you ready to sell art online and make some money?

Getting affiliated is the first step!

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Cody Foster is a content strategist who’s on a mission to help you make money online — whether it’s selling your own art or someone else’s masterpiece. Connect with him now on LinkedIn for extra marketing tips and strategies.

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