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This post features 10 artists who have already been featured here. We post lists like this to show some extra gratitude to the artists who submit us their spotlights, and to further promote good talent.

The featured question this time is: "Please tell us something interesting in your life, other than art".

Here are the answers from the artist themselves, along with a link to their respective spotlights.

Bobbi Bryce-Miller

Bobbi Bryce-Miller

I have travelled to a variety of countries: Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, and Turkey. Out of all of my travels I would have to say Italy was my favorite. If I could live there I would. It has amazing culture, art, and food.

Amar Singha

Amar Singha

I participated in an international landscape art competition on 27th August of 2013. When I knew about the competition, then already some days were left. But I decided to join for the competition.  I submitted only one painting to Light Space Time art gallery. Because I had a monetary problem.  I thought that there will be many talented artists participating in this event, & one artist can submit maximum five paintings. I submitted only one. So it is a fact, that I have no chance to win. Poverty is my strong enemy. But when the result declared by mail, I was really surprised to see it, that my painting has received the special recognition award. I didn’t believe it, until I saw my painting in their gallery page. It was the first international event in my life.

Anji Marth

Anji Marth

I'll make a list, I've had an eventful life.

I've train-hopped, been a hobo. I've been homeless. I shoveled sh*t on a farm as a job once. I have been to every state except Hawaii and Alaska - driving. I go on a road trip once a year-ish. I like to hunt, to go deep woods hiking far away from trails and roads and paths, and camp. I like to rock climb too, I do free solo climbing.

I'm really short. I quit smoking this year, I vape now (nicotine vaporizer). I don't drink much anymore but for years I was a lush...

Leslie Kell

I work in creative marketing for a large textbook publisher. I create campaigns, branding, logos and other marketing materials. I also freelance illustration and graphic design.

Linda Ursin

I've managed to create a full life for myself, and stay creative, despite 20 years of chronic pain.

I was born in Sweden. I moved in with my future husband (a Norwegian) the day after I met him. We moved to Norway 8 years later.

I did very well in school, but didn't finish until I was 27, because I dropped out twice.

When I wasn't a parent, I used to read up to 500 books a year.

Mark Kulaga

I represented the USA in the World Amateur Snooker Championships as a delegate / player.  I have a design patent for a novel computer security device.  I traveled to Italy once on an Art and Architectural tour where the tour guide was a total ass, and so I took half of the people on the tour and led them myself according to a proper itinerary seeing some of the greatest works of Art that moved and molded my passion and love for art and what it means in life.

Tamsin Spargo

I love to travel as much as possible, I lived in Finland for a year, and also lived in Iceland for a month as an artist in residence.

Licita Fernandez

I could say, “I coulda been a contendah!” because I was very athletic up until my back problem put an end to that.  I climbed the face of Half Dome without any prior rock-climbing experience, I was an excellent tennis player, I ran up to 10 miles at a time, I completed my first century (100 miles) biking on a very scenic biking-camping trip in the Southwest when I was 40, and I could dance up a storm to any kind of music I heard…well maybe not EVERY kind.  I’ve found one type of dancing that doesn’t require wiggling my hips: square dancing!  Yeehaw!!

Liz Reilly

I’ve used art as a great tool in my recovery & have reaped the benefits not only to my well being but to my lifestyle too!

In 2 years I have exhibited 2 times, had artwork published in a recovery book, over 2,500 copies of artwork printed as well as selling 7 commissions - I am busy working more. I have just graduated from college with a diploma in The Steps To Excellence and have enrolled in a Physcology SQA Course for next year.

Jesse Wood

Hello, although I sign my work as Samuelj my name is Jesse , I think I'm mostly a typical kind of teenage guy that likes a variety of hobbies, including camping, fishing, quad bike riding and other things. But I do like drawing and painting, my Grandmother is a pretty good oil painter and I think that's where I started to like painting from. I did Art all through school and it was by far my favourite subject.

That's all for this list of spotlighted artists. Please show your support for them by commenting below or visiting their spotlights and leaving an encouraging comment. 

Even the smallest bit of encouragement can uplift and inspire!

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  1. Thanks for adding me to the list :)

  2. Thanks Graham for adding me to this list. Nice to see my glorious past once again. Here just a little thing I would like to share with all my friends from Artpromotivate that I realized in my artist life;- If you think you can do it or you can achieve it, of course, you will succeed in any way. If you think it is not for you, be prepare yourself for it, take more times, fail once again and after that, it will be for yourself forever.

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